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Kangaroo Snapper with Rex and Shane Mensforth

Kangaroo Snapper with Rex and Shane Mensforth

Shane takes Rex to his favourite "secret" spot off Kangaroo Island for Snapper, Barracoota and talking Leatherjacket.. Yes folks TALKING LEATHERJACKET. Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures own and operate the biggest charter vessel in the state of South Australia with the longest continuously running operation on Kangaroo Island and over 3500 days of fishing experience by our skipper Gavin Solly. Fishing is our passion, but we also offer scenic tours of the beautiful North Coast of Kangaroo Island so you can enjoy one of the most pristine places in the world with an abundance of wildlife! Rex Hunt Fishing Adventures | Series 12 Episode 19 | Rex and Shane Mensforth Kangaroo Island South Australia Disclaimer: At the time of filming this video all Thailand species size and bag limits were adhered to, as were all boating and maritime laws. Please check with your local authorities for any updates. Contact details of charter operators or tourism authorities may have also changed since the production of this video. Links: Facebook: Instagram: Kangaroo Island Fishing Adventures: South Australian Tourism: Make sure to subscribe and chuck me a follow on all my socials. Facebook: Instagram: Cameo: #RexHunt #Fishing #ShimanoAustralia #tourismsa
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